Celebrate Sabitri Brata with Kalyan Jewellers in traditional style


Celebrate this Sabitri Brata with Kalyan Jewellers’ refined collection, which are a perfect blend of India’s artisanal heritage and craftsmanship, truly symbolises the essence of an Indian woman through an extensive range of designs.

Kalyan Jewellers has introduced 3 ways for customers across the state to invest in gold jewellery. These include Kalyan Jewellers’ Digital Gold, Gold Ownership Certificate Initiative and the gold coins as well as its extensive range of popular house brands available at the Kalyan Jewellers’ showroom.

Customers can avail of these online and offline mediums to purchase jewellery, making the occasion of Sabitri Brata truly special for their loved ones.

Sabitri Brata is considered among the most auspicious festivals, which is widely celebrated by women in Odisha, signifying the embodiment of a marriage.

Check out some of their the top jewellery picks.