Godrej Appliances launches InsuliCool for diabetic patients


Godrej Appliances has launched a new InsuliCool product range – Godrej InsuliCool and Godrej InsuliCool+, innovative cooling solutions especially designed for insulin storage, to address the challenge faced by diabetic patients with respect to insulin storage at recommended temperatures.

Data suggests that close to 74 million people suffer from diabetes in India. This is second highest in the world and predicted to rise over 10% by 2030. Of this, at least 10% of the diabetic population also require insulin therapy beyond oral administration.

It is also a scientifically established fact that insulin must always be preserved between temperature range of 2°- 8°C to maintain its effectiveness. Any temperature breach below or above this range leads to drop in its efficacy.

A major challenge in India and in other countries too, is the storage practices adopted for maintaining temperatures within this range, for regular day-to-day storage of insulin, which only gets compounded further during any travel, thereby restricting mobility of insulin dependent diabetic patients.

Commonly used solutions like ice packs are not meant for insulin storage at all. Refrigerators used at homes are not ideal either, because the frequent door openings lead to temperature fluctuations and insulin requires precise cooling. Improper storage of insulin leading to lowering of its potency can lead to increasing dosage over time. Proper storage of insulin at the recommended temperature can go a significant way in managing diabetes, usually a long running condition in patients.

Using cutting-edge technology and innovation, Godrej InsuliCool product range is equipped with advanced solid state thermoelectric cooling technology and is designed to work even at ambient temperatures up to 43°C, maintaining the system’s internal temperature of 2°- 8°C always.

The display indicator on the front of the unit shows that the insulin is being stored at the correct temperature. With storage capacity of 560ml, it can easily store 9 vials; alternatively, 2 pens and 5 cartridges can be stored by removing the vials holder.

Apart from ensuring precise cooling, the other key advantage is its portability. InsuliCool is light weight, compact, and comes with a shoulder belt making it easy to carry.

In addition to the power adapter provided with the unit, one can also purchase additional accessories like an external power bank to provide a backup of 4 hrs on full charge or a car adapter kit for charging on the go, while travelling by vehicle. Its advanced variant InsuliCool+ comes with an external power bank included in the product kit.

The product range will be available pan-India, through the brand’s e-store and through popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, as well as in chemist shops at MRP starting from Rs. 5,999, accessories priced separately.