Odisha bus fares raised by 3-9 paise/km from Oct 16


The State Transport Authority of Odisha has increased fares for different categories of buses by 3-9 paise per kilometre effective October 16, 2021.

The fares have been raised due to rising cost of diesel, which has increased to Rs 102.34 as on Oct. 16 from Rs 97.25/liter on July 1.

This comes at a time when consumers are already facing rising fuel costs due to continuous hike in petrol and diesel prices.

The authority has increased fares for ordinary buses to 92 paise/km from 89 paise/km, while express bus fares have been raised to 96 paise/km from 93 paise/km.

Deluxe and AC Deluxe buses will see fares rising to 135 paise/km and 163 paise/km from 129 paise/km and 157 paise/km respectively.

For super premium category, the fare has been the highest. This category fare has been raised to 253 paise/km from 244 paise/km.